Bring On The Gold

Let’s talk about nails. Here at Société Des Femmes, we believe nails are très important. Every single person you meet sees your nails.  If your mani isn’t perfect, it’s on display for everyone to know. So, what can you do about it? Have a really fantastic mani all the time.

I knew I wanted an exceptional manicure, so I did my research to see where to go. I decided on Sakura Nails in New York City. I had such a fun experience and I want to share it with all of you!

I arrived at Sakura where I was greeted and told to take a look at the book. The book is basically the nail bible. Inside are tons and tons of designs.


I picked my favorites and asked to see them up close. I’m visual, so I like to try things on. Low and behold, I did.


What better way to visualize something being on your nails than to literally put it there?! Once I decided I wanted a chrome manicure, I of course had to see every single color I could choose from. I’m a fan of options and let me tell you, there were a lot!


The choices were endless! I mean, how do you choose only one?! Well, I did. And I went with gold chrome.


Two hours later, I had my gorgeous gel manicure. Say hello to my gold chrome nails. My manicure is supposed to last for at least 14 days and I really hope it does. Oh, and the best part is, gold chrome goes with everything. It looks pretty awesome with my Manolo Blahnik flowery shoes.


And, it looks just as fabulous with my Louboutins.


And, it even goes with my sparkly Golden Goose sneakers.


I find nails an easy way to express myself. I have a loud personality, so naturally, I like my nails just as noisy. Having stupendous nails is an easy way I make myself happy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look down at gold chrome nails all day long?!


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