How Amazing Is The Beach!?

Be Kind To Yourself

Respect Yourself

Honor Yourself

Smile At Yourself

Make Yourself Happy

Love Yourself

Self-care is really, really, really important. If you don’t love yourself and treat yourself right, you’re not going to look and feel your best. When you look great and feel even better, that’s when you can take on the world.  Life gets pretty hectic sometimes, so here at Société Des Femmes we’re all about self-care.

The definition of self-care is different for everyone. For me, it’s anything that makes me feel calm and carefree. The beach has a powerful way of de-stressing me and helping me unwind.  I mean, when you’re looking at this gorgeous view, don’t you automatically feel happy and positive?!

unnamedThis photo I took at my favorite beach in BridgeHampton brought such tranquility into my day that I actually made it the background on my phone. Your phone is something you look at all day long, so I suggest making your background something really wonderful that makes you smile often. If you surround yourself with beautiful things you love, your world gets a little bit better each day.

Our belief is that it’s imperative to take time each week to do something nice for yourself.  What are you going to do this week to show yourself a little self-love?

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