Your Feet Need Love Too!

My feet love to be pampered. Actually, I imagine all feet enjoy a little TLC. Whenever I’m in the Hamptons, I always pay a visit to Happy Feet in Sag Harbor. It’s such a cool experience and my feet always thank me.

You feel like you get to escape New York City and travel to a place that’s quiet, remote, and such a gem. I mean, check out the ceiling. How cute are the embroidered paper umbrellas?


The experience begins with your feet being soaked in a bucket so they are super fresh and super clean. I always suggest wearing leggings or loose pants so they can easily be rolled up. You don’t want to neglect your calves and shins during the massage!Unknown-3

Then, the real fun begins. For 55 minutes, you lay down in a lazy-boy like chair and your feet, shins, and calves are massaged. Can you tell mine are just itching for a rub-down? As women, our feet are worked 24/7. I constantly wear high heels and uncomfortable shoes, so I fully appreciate anything that involves soothing my feet.Unknown-2Our motto is that if you take care of yourself and your body, you’ll be a happier, more relaxed person. So, why not start with your feet!?

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