Let’s Discuss Botox

I’m a firm believer in looking your best all the time. In order to do that, I believe in a little Botox. I use it preventatively so that I can (hopefully!) age gracefully.  Botox is still a little bit of a taboo subject, but I’m not sure why. Let me tell you about my experience and you can decide if it’s for you or not!

My dermatologist, Dr. Monica Halem, is in New York City, in the 80’s on Fifth Avenue. Her office is stunning. I appreciate going to a well decorated doctor’s office. Don’t you!?

unnamed-1I usually never wait, which is key. In a city like New York, there’s just too much to do to wait forever.

Within minutes of arriving, after you check in, one of the nurses escorts you into a room and gets everything ready. I find the medical staff is super important in a doctor’s office and Dr. Halem’s nurses are always so sweet. I’m not really a fan of needles, but the Botox ones don’t bother me. Some people choose to numb first to ease the pain, but I actually don’t mind the feeling, so I don’t numb. Choosing not to numb also saves time, as the numbing cream has to sit on your skin for a little while.


After everything is prepped, voila, in comes Dr. Halem with her magic anti-aging hands. I get the least amount of Botox needed, just enough to freeze the muscles so new lines don’t appear. Please excuse my au natural look, as my hair and makeup were not done for this photo! I’ve been doing Botox for a few years already. Usually I’m a fan of the saying, “more, more, more,” but when it comes to Botox for me, less is more.unnamedThe whole experience is done within a half hour. Th best part is that if your dermatologist does it right, no one knows you do it. It’s a great anti-aging secret! See, Botox isn’t so scary. What do you think of it?

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