Oh So Clean Beauty Products

I’m a little old school when it comes to shopping for beauty products. I like to physically go into a store, see the products, test them out, and then if I like them, I buy them. I’m a believer that knowledge is power, so I like to avoid beauty products that are harmful and tested on animals. I’m into clean products, that are also amazing.

When I was exploring New York City one day, I recently found Credo Beauty, which is a little beauty haven. The whole store is filled with safe, effective, clean beauty products. Before I became well-versed in clean beauty, I had no idea that there were so many choices for different products. You could spend a fortune in Credo Beauty, and I had to remind myself not to go too crazy.  The choices are vast, and filled with really good options!

Let’s start with cleansers. These are the best selling cleansers, and I actually bought all three. I couldn’t decide which one I liked, so I thought why not try them all out. The Josh Rosebrook cleanser worked best for me but all were great.


Next comes the cleansing oils. The oil regiment isn’t personally my favorite, but I know tons of women who swear by cleansing oils. These are the top three best selling oils for all different skin types. I haven’t tried them, but they sure do look pretty.


Third comes masks because who can live without a mask. The Cocovit charcoal mask was the most fun. When I mixed it with water, it literally took out every single imperfection on my face. Blackheads disappeared. It also stuck to my hands, which was a paint get off, but it was totally worth it. It’s a mask that when you put it on, you just know it’s working. The Josh Rosebrook hydrating mask is a goodie too. The smell was a little strange to me, but it really works.


We can’t forget deodorant, because if you’re going to go organic, you must include your underarm protection. Deodorant is such a personal thing – what works for some won’t work for all. These were all rumored to be A+.


CC creams are a tad bit sexier than deodorants. Here are three fantastic ones. I use the Juice Beauty one and I really like it.


On top of the cc creams you clearly need bronzer. There were so many options I couldn’t choose. The Antonym Cosmetics had so many colors that my head started to spin. I could have bought them all. I chose Copper and Cheek Crush and they are fantastic.


Organic, chemical free mascara is just as important as all of the above products. The NU Evolution was the one I bought because the reviews were stellar. All of these mascaras are made of course without toxicity. It doesn’t run, and it isn’t too challenging to take off at night.


Lipsticks are my go-to, so for me to find colors I love was a total game changer. I mean there are so many color schemes I didn’t know where to start. I chose some basic options to show you the ones I liked best!


And let’s not forget about lip gloss too. Who can be fully made up without a little gloss?! Give me a little color and some sparkle and I’m super happy.


Non-toxic nail polish is a-maz-ing. I bought the Priti NYC base coat and topcoat in one and the light pink  (called Coronation), and my manicures last longer than they ever did with regular polish. These are just the basic colors, but the Priti NYC website has everything – including sparkles and metallics. Some say you’re never fully dressed without a fun manicure and I fully agree.


So, as you can see, the opportunity for clean beauty products is never ending.

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